Statistics service for students & companies

Our professional statistics service for students, universities and companies is used nationwide and internationally. We include students, doctoral students, scientific institutes and companies among our customer base. We cover every step of your empirical project. It does not matter if you are still at the very beginning or have already collected data. In the same way we will help you with the interpretation competently. Frequently we offer our statistics service for the bachelor thesis, master thesis, homework or dissertation.

In addition, our statistics service for companies accompanies projects of companies and groups. For example, we assist companies in evaluating executives or evaluating clinical trials and online surveys. In addition, all popular statistics software is used for implementation: Excel, Stata, SAS, R, SPSS, etc.

Experience & highest quality

Our team consists of over 70 qualified and experienced statisticians. We can offer our services in English.

Statistics Service for students and doctoral students

Our statistics service for students and doctoral students is used for empirical studies, research projects and empirical bachelor theses, master theses, diploma theses and dissertations! Our statistics service supports all popular statistical software such as SPSS, R, Stata and Excel.

We help you from the first steps, the statistical data analysis to the visualization and interpretation of your collected data and hypotheses. With our statistics service for students we serve departments such as: psychology, medicine, pharmacy, economics (business administration, economics), social sciences, educational science, natural sciences and engineering.

You would like to carry out a survey? We help you with the planning, the creation of questionnaires and the implementation of online surveys with for example Unipark, LimeSurvey or SurveyMonkey. The time is short? Then we recommend our Express Statistics Service for super fast help and care. We are pleased to help you with our statistics consulting!

Statistics service for R, SPSS, Excel and Stata

With our statisticians we offer you a statistics service for Stata, SPSS, Excel and R. Since our experts have experience in all common statistical software, it does not matter to us whether you evaluate your data statistically with Stata, SPSS, R or Excel want to let.

Request free quote

Via the inquiry form you can make a free and non-binding request for an offer. Not only can we start implementation right after commissioning. We also offer you a free reservation service for your desired time window, so you can plan safely!

Statistics service for hypothesis formation

You have found your topic for a bachelor thesis, master thesis, thesis or dissertation and would like to derive a suitable research question afterwards? Or you have a research question and now have to formulate statistically correct hypotheses? No problem! Use our statistics service for students and doctoral candidates individually and professionally tailored for you or buy essays online for college . So you lay the foundation for your empirical bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation.

Designing experiments and setting up online questionnaires and surveys

Of course we also help with the right experiment planning. You will then develop a clean questionnaire and a suitable sampling plan. The implementation in one of the popular online survey tools in our statistics service with Unipark, SurveyMonkey or LimeSurvey is standard for us.

Print results correctly on paper thanks to the statistics service

After the analysis the formulation of the result part usually follows. With our statistics service for students and doctoral candidates, get valuable tips on the textualization of your data. So your interpretation is consistent and scientifically sound.

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